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All For Family Needs Your Help

In 2018, likely even before then, All For Family shared our dream of forming a non-profit to help address unmet needs pertaining to foster care. We shared our vision of recruiting volunteers from the community to help with supervised family visitation. Many thought this would never work, and held little faith we would pull it off. We encountered several roadblocks along the way, but, with your help, our vision became a reality. Our non-profit was formed in October of 2018, and we began supervising visits in 2019. Since that time, our pilot program has proven to be successful, and we have provided countless hours of supervised visitations to families who need us.

When Covid hit in 2020, and public venues were no longer an option for Supervised Family Visits, All For Family spoke of a dream to find a permanent location for visits. With your help, that also became a reality. The space is small, and only serves one family visit at a time, it met a tremendous need in a time when we needed it most.

We also spoke of a dream to hold a Foster Parent Training Extravaganza where foster families could stay in campground lodgings and complete a lot of training hours in one weekend while their children were being entertained on the campground premises. With your help, that became a reality as well. We held our very first successful training extravaganza this past August, and we have enough funds earmarked for this to hold it again next year.

Now we need your help to make another dream of ours finally become a reality as well. Giving Tuesday is November 30th. This is the time of year when communities come together to show how much they care, and to make a great impact toward positive change.

In honor of Giving Tuesday, and our Holiday Season, All For Family is asking members of our community to partner with us to help our vision of an indoor playground come true. We are receiving a small grant from Jefferson Foundation to go toward a building space that will not only double our visit capacity, but will also hopefully finally give us the space for the indoor playground we have been dreaming of. We are so close to making this happen, we can touch it, but, with real estate prices being what they are, what we are looking at puts us at the top of our budget. To help with this, we have started a fundraiser, and we are asking for you to join us in our efforts. Our goal is to raise $5,000 between now and the end of the year. Every gift matters, whether it be a $1, $5, or $500. Every gift carries with it the power to bring change to our community.

With winter approaching, and some indoor places still not being an option for supervised visits, even families not doing visits through our program are seeking somewhere to go for their visits, especially those who are trying to keep siblings connected. This space, that is within our grasps, can help serve so many families, while also being a resource to the community as well for indoor play and birthday parties. Will you please partner with us in making this finally possible?

If you would like to make a donation toward this cause, you may do so directly through our website, by mailing a check to: 2429 Cambridge Rd, High Ridge, MO 63049, or by donating through our Facebook Fundraiser:

We sincerely appreciate any and all help you are able to provide. Always remember: One person can make a difference! Let change begin with you!

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