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All For Family Online Fundraiser November 5th - November 19th, 2022

For our big fundraising event this year, All For Family is planning an online silent auction event for November 5th, at 1 pm - through November 19th at 5pm.

Our All For Family Silent Auction Fundraiser Group page can be found at:

We are actively collecting donations for this event, and we are beginning to post some of the donations we have received for your review. Item commenting has been turned off until the start of our auction. Once the auction begins, you will be able to place bids for items that you are interested in within the comment section below each item. More specific auction rules are posted on our group page.

We are hopeful that our auction will include items that just about everyone in your family would love for gifts. We are presently collecting gifts cards for family fun, goods or services, gift baskets, jewelry, crafts, hunting, fishing, &/or sports items, art/craft supplies, new games, toys, or kitchen gadgets that you may have bought but never used, or someone gifted you that you didn't need. Perhaps you have new shoes you never wore, a great purse someone else would love, or a number of other items that someone else might love to have as a gift. I know I sometime receive gifts of perfume or jewelry that I never use. There are numerous possibilities of items we could use for this auction.

Making donations to our auction can also serve as a great way to promote your business. If you donate a gift basket, you can easily put business cards or flyers in there with information about your business, &, if you donate gift cards for your business, it will bring customers your way. All For Family will also publicly recognize any business who donates to our cause.

If you have items to donate for this event that might help, please reach out to us by email at:, or by phone at: 636-345-5222. We will need all auction items no later than November 1st.

We would also be grateful for any help in sharing our auction link. All participants will need to be able to pick up auction items locally to Jefferson County, Missouri.

All funds raised from our auction will go directly toward helping us continue our work with supervised family visits for children in foster care. We thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

Always remember, "One person can make a difference! Let Change Begin With Your!"

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