Key People

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Angel Williams

Director of Operations, President, and Founder

Angel and her husband are foster parents in Jefferson County, MO.  Angel was also a teacher for 10+ years, and worked primarily in the area of special education.  She was also formerly a youth in foster care, and her mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Daniel Denbow

Assistant Director and Vice President

Daniel Denbow is presently the Pastor of Living Word Church of the Nazarene in House Springs, MO.  His church serves a large population of youth from this community, many of whom who face challenges of poverty, live in single parent homes, live with grandparents or other relatives, are foster children, or, even more tragically, homeless.  He is passionate about doing whatever he can to build stronger communities and family structures.

Jaci Wirt


Jaci Wirt is a foster care respite provider.  She strives to provide constant reliable encouragement and support for foster parents throughout the St. Louis area, including Jefferson County.  She has championed and served on several nonprofit boards.  She is also a veterinarian, and she fosters animals.  She have a very large heart and passion for helping others.

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Darrell Missey

Public Relations Representative

Darrell Missey is a Judge in Jefferson County, MO, who has spent many years working in family and juvenile court.  He has witnessed first hand the consequences of broken families, and the tragedies children and youth face in foster care.  His is passionate about building stronger family units, recruiting more foster families, and in helping people find the resources they need to live happy, fulfilled lives.  His association with the All For Family nonprofit is separate from his primary responsibilities as an elected official, and he receives no compensation for his affiliation with All For Family.

Cindy King


Cindy and her husband Rick are residents of Jefferson County for 35 years.
They have 3 Children and 4 Grandchildren. She is retired after 25+ years from the insurance industry.
She is very active in numerous volunteer organizations locally
Tutoring, Denim Quilts and All
For Family.



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