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Our Programs

Sibling Love

Supervised Family Visits

At All For Family, we recognize how important it is for foster children to maintain family connections.  For many bio parents, if they are approved for more than one hour supervised visits per week with their children, they often must provide their own supervisor, but may lack the resources to do so.  All For Family presently recruits volunteers to meet this need for families.  We have also secured an office location at 10310 Business 21, Hillsboro, MO 63050, that we have set up to serve as a permanent, family friendly environment for supervised family visits.

Fixing the Roof

Home Repairs

With the help of skilled volunteers, other area resources, and donated materials,  All For Family networks to help with home repairs needed for more families to become licensed foster parents, foster families who need change something in their home to keep siblings together, and  when home repairs are the only reason a child may not be able to return home to their bio family.

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Indoor Playground/Youth Area

One tragic aspect of foster care is the reality that siblings are often separated from one another.  To help maintain sibling bonds and connections, All For Family is actively working to raise funds to establish an indoor playground/youth area, free for foster children/youth, in Jefferson County, MO appropriate for multiple age groups.  This space could also serve as a safe youth hangout area where teens can help support other teens.

Family Dispute

Future Goal: In-Home Behavioral Support

Although not every child in foster care has significant behavioral issues, every child in foster care has experienced some form of trauma.  Some children, though, in trying to cope with this trauma and the confusion of their situation, do display difficult behaviors.  In order to help prevent such children from being moved from their foster homes, All For Family, with adequate support and funding, has a goal of providing In-Home Behavioral Support and resource information to Foster and Kinship Families.

homeless teen.jpg

Future Goal: Transitional Living for Teens

One very large vision All For Family has is to make it possible where no teen ever has to be homeless.  In Jefferson County, MO, there are reportedly 75+ homeless teens, and those are the just the ones accounted for.  There are also numerous youth aging out of foster care with little support to help guide them into adulthood and independence.  All For Family has a goal of setting up transitional living to help teens access the resources they need, and learn necessary skills to be successful, independent adults.

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Future Goal: Toy/Educational Lending Library

All For Family would like to begin a toy/educational lending library to serve foster and underprivileged families.  We are actively seeking funding to make this mission possible, as well as a space to house the library.

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