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All For Family Announces New Board President

To everything there is a season. Some things come to an end, while others flourish and carry on. From All For Family's inception on October 9, 2018, I, Angel Williams, have been both founder and Board President. Now that we are approaching our 4 year anniversary, and now that I am officially an Executive Director for All For Family, my reign as board President had to come to an end.

I am very excited to announce that someone amazing has been elected to pick up those reigns. All For Family would like to congratulate Amy Baum on her recent unanimous election as our board President.

Amy Baum and her husband have two teenage and two adult children together. Amy is a Jefferson County native and has spent many years enjoying volunteering in the community with Girl Scouts, Meals on Wheels and various other organizations. She was employed as the Program Director for CASA of Jefferson County for several years and then began volunteering with All For Family in early 2020. Amy hopes to use her experience with non-profit organizations to help All For Family grow and fulfill their mission of bettering the lives of children and families in difficult circumstances.

Long before Amy joined our board, she offered us sound advice while we were forming our nonprofit. She has also done an amazing job for us in helping cover supervised family visits. She has been a tremendous asset to our team, and I can't think of anyone I would rather carry on the duties as our board President than her.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Amy to this new role with All For Family.

All For Family is also in great need of additional, active board members as well. We presently have openings we need to fill. If you have a passion for supporting the foster care community, and feel you have something to contribute that could help our organization continue to grown and thrive, we need you! Please contact us for more information.

Always remember, "One person can make a difference! Let Change Begin With You!" Amy has answered the call. Will you?

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