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All For Family Gives Thanks!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

It is that time of year again where All For Family would like to take a moment to let all of our supporters and volunteers know how very thankful we are for everything they do to support All For Family. If not for the help of our community, we would not be able to do the work we do to support foster children and families, primarily in Jefferson County.

We recently held an exciting Holiday Vendor Fair. From this event, we were able to raise $3,124.57. For those who have been in the nonprofit world a while, this may not sound like much, but, for All For Family, with us still being a relatively young organization, this was our largest fundraiser to date, and we are truly thankful to everyone who made it possible.

To our anonymous donor of Butler's Pantry Catering, you know who you are, we sincerely appreciate what you did for us. Butler's Pantry did a terrific job, and everyone raved about the food.

For Kathy Linton & City on a Hill Church for hosting our event, along with Kayla Price for tech support, we are very grateful with your help with our event. We give special thanks to Amy Baum for volunteering to coordinate this event, along with Chris Vogt, Kathy Overcamp, Julie Clooney, Debbie Bonham, and Debbie Underwood for your excellent volunteer service and decorating skills. We also thank Raintree Church for hosting event planning meetings for us, and for any volunteers who may have worked behind the scenes to make this a special event. We also thank Terri Deckard with Hacienda for your donations and help assembling baskets, along with Janice Black, and Cheryl Soest & Patti Nasalroad from White Castle.

We would like the thank the following businesses and organizations who have either showed us support this past year, ongoing support to All For Family, &/or made a monetary or item donation for our Holiday Vendor Fair. If we leave anyone out, please know it is purely unintentional, and we sincerely apologize:

  • Jefferson Foundation - for your amazing grant support that has brought us so far!

  • Hillsboro Lion's Club

  • Raintree Church

  • Cedar Hill Lutheran Church - for volunteering to sponsor our client children for Christmas again this year!

  • City on a Hill Church

  • Jefferson County Foster Children's Fund

  • Festus White Castle & White Castle Corporate

  • Central Air Heating & Cooling in High Ridge - Steve & Kelley Schmidt

  • Kramer, Hand, Buccholz & Partney, LLC -

  • Vaughn Agency, LLC in Hillsboro

  • Hacienda in Arnold

  • Contractor's Welding, Inc in Manchester - Ray & Joyce Klein

  • Lindell Bank in St. Louis - Tiffany

  • Unique Contruction - Joshua Perez

  • Paw Wash - Emily & Nora

  • SkyZone Fenton

  • Pinecrest Camp & Conference Center in Fredericktown - For helping us have an amazing Foster Parent Training Extravaganza

  • Twin Cities Surgery Center in Festus - for amazing Easter Baskets for our children clients this year!

  • Old Bridgeview Brewery in Washington, MO

  • Cactus Petes

  • IMS Mortgage - Bill Edwards

  • Girl Scout Troop 350

  • Family Advocacy Solutions - Kathy Haddock for helping us with training at our Training Extravaganza

  • Jefferson County Children's Division - for sending us referrals and conducting our background checks for us

  • Smokey D's - House Springs

We would also like to thank individual donors who have either showed ongoing support for All For Family or who made monetary or item donations for our Holiday Vendor Fair. If we leave anyone, we sincerely apologize. It is purely unintentional:

  • Amy Baum

  • William Elliott

  • Rodney & Marie Wehmeyer

  • Ken Talley

  • Terri Deckard

  • Julie Clooney

  • David Timko

  • Dyanne Pienkowski

  • Debbie Lakin

  • Darrell Missey

  • Pamela Coomb - For Helping Train at our Training Extravaganza

  • Nicole Batten - For Helping Train at our Training Extravaganza

  • Erin Lakebrink - For Helping Training at our Training Extravaganza

In addition, we would like to thank the vendors who participated in our Holiday Vendor Fair or donated toward our vendor fair:

  • Jacqueline Dunn - Scentsy

  • Sarah Albarado - Pemberly Merchant Jewelry

  • Kayla Thomas - Pamered Chef

  • Katie Underwood - Norwex

  • Kathy Todd - Thirty One Gifts

  • Jessica Appel - JSY Photography

  • Marla Hamlin & Nancy Ortinaw - Juice Plus

  • Angela Wilson - 3 Ring Zing Photography

  • Hannah Quick - Chalk Corture

  • Amanda Dane - Beauty Counter

  • Megan Hale - Usbourne Book

  • Baum's Bees Honey

  • Mary Anne Fleming

Finally, but certainly not least, we would like to thank our amazing volunteers who have actively helped cover our Supervised Family Visits this past year. If we accidentally forgot to list someone, please know it was purely unintentional, and we sincerely apologize:

  • Barbara Yelton (we miss you - get well soon!)

  • William Elliott (William is retiring from us this month, and he will be missed)

  • Chris Vogt

  • Amy Baum

  • Tina Hartung

  • David Timko

  • Dyanne Pienkowski

  • Dayna Hagerty

  • Michele Walton

  • Michelle Barton

  • Elaine Andree

  • Bill Edwards

  • Stephanie Creech

  • Kim Ravenelle (new volunteer just starting with us)

From the bottom of our hearts at All For Family, we want everyone to know how very much we appreciate all of you. We are very grateful for the blessings you have brought our way so we can keep serving and blessing families who need us. Because of your help and generosity, we have seen at least 4 families successfully reunite with their families, and at least 3 families progress to enough unsupervised time they no longer need our services. We have celebrated growth of our families, and we have shared tears with struggling moms who are trying to overcome addiction &/or miss their children. Working together as a community, we can make a difference, and we can bring positive change. Thank you for supporting us so we can do just that.

We also want to wish everyone a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

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