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Foster Parent Training Extravaganza Rapidly Approaching

For several years now, All For Family has dreamed of a foster parent training event. We realized a need for foster parents to complete training hours without having to worry about childcare, or be distracted by their children during training, as often happens when foster parents try to complete virtual training hours. What better way to make this possible than at a Campground?

Our dream is finally becoming a reality. On August 20th - August 22nd, All For Family will be hosting a Foster Parent Training Extravaganza at Pinecrest Camp & Conference Center in Fredericktown, MO. Foster Parents are required to complete 30 training hours every 2 years to maintain their license. During our event, foster parents will be able to complete nearly half of these hours in one weekend while their children are being supervised and entertained on the campground premises by background check approved volunteers.

Registration for our event closes August 5th, and 18 families have already registered for our event. Counting all of the registered children and foster parents, though not yet counting our volunteer helpers and their children, at least 90 people plan to be at our event. For many children attending, this may be their first time experiencing a campground/wooded environment even though Pinecrest has very modern lodging and facilities. We are still in need of volunteer helpers to supervise and entertain the children, and we could use donations of water bottles and arts & crafts kits (Oriental Trading &/or Home Depot Wood Kits) for the children to do during their stay.

Training Classes We Have Arranged So Far Include:

CPR/First Aid

Young Child Development

Ready, Set, Fly

Emotional Regulation


Foster Parent Organization

Grief & Loss from a Foster Youth's Perspective

Grief & Loss for Foster Parents & Children

Education Advocacy

Relationships with Bio Family

Trainings We Would Like To Offer If We Can Recruit A Trainer:

Cyber Safety

Human Trafficking


For anyone who is interested in registering to attend our event, or would like to register to be a volunteer helper, please visit the following link, which is to a newsletter we previously sent out to interested families that includes the necessary registrations forms and information:

If you are interested in donating items to help with our event, please email us at:

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help with our event, and we look forward to seeing everyone who is planning to attend.

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