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Thank You For a Successful Informational Meeting!

Good Evening Everyone!

This post is long overdue, and is one I have intended to write for several weeks now, but I fear I have been delayed by the death of a close family member that occurred the day before the informational meeting, and all the lovely winter viruses that seemed to want to take up permanent residency in our home this year.

I wish to sincerely thank everyone for taking the time to attend All For Family's recent public informational meeting. We met a lot of wonderful CASA volunteers, learned great information from Jefferson County licensing workers Christine Hale and Shelly Knuckles, as well as from Deva Blackman from Good Shepherd, and Theresa Robson from Jefferson County Foster Children's Fund and Good Shepherd. From Theresa Robson, we learned about the Empowered to Connect Conference, which will be held at White Flag Church on Telegragh on April 25th - 26th. In addition, we learned from Megan Schomer about Pillar Counseling - a counseling service offering online counseling, and which is working on branching into Jefferson County. We also had the pleasure of learning about CASA Safe Sacks from Sandy Steffen, who works with others to create these for foster children to keep their belongings in so they do not have to leave things behind if they suddenly have to leave their placement, and also do not have to use trash bags.

Our public informational meeting created a great forum to share information not only about our nonprofit, but about other supportive non-profits and services for foster care in an effort for us all to work together in order to successfully make a positive difference in the lives of foster children and foster families through Jefferson County. Several at our informational meeting asked if similar meetings can be held on a regular basis, as well as the possibility of setting up a foster parent support group where a representative from Children's Division could also be present. We felt our meeting was very productive, and I am hopeful we can soon find a way to hold ongoing meetings, as well as establish the support group that was requested.

In the meantime, I would very much like to thank everyone who was able to attend, as well as The Leader for sharing information about non-profit and meeting. In addition, I would like to thank Adam from Vintage Home Services, as well as Hood's Discount Home Store in House Springs, for their help in making home repairs for a kinship placement of siblings possible.

Very soon, we will posting details about an upcoming benefit concert we are actively planning. We continue to look forward to working with everyone as we continue our efforts to make a difference in the lives of foster children and families throughout our county. We appreciate your support, as we couldn't do any of this without the ongoing support of our community.

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