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White Castle Blessing

In a time of non-profit uncertainty, where Covid has significantly impacted our abilities to hold successful fundraising events, and where we fear the impact rising fuel cost may have on our volunteers, every financial blessing and donation matters now more than ever.

All For Family is very grateful for the support Festus White Castle has shown us. In 2021, Patti Nasalroad, manager of Festus White Castle, selected All For Family to support through their round up campaign. For those who may not know what this is, this is where customers are invited to round up their change to the next dollar. That extra change is then donated to a chosen non-profit. Our first round up check from White Castle was presented to us in March of 2021, and that amount was for just over $4,000. For the winter 2021 round up campaign, White Castle raised $3,436 for All For Family. We were presented with this second check on January 25th. Therefore, that small amount of change customers graciously gave in 2021, for which we are also very grateful, raised nearly $7,500 for All For Family.

When we were presented with this check in January, we were also pleasantly surprised to learn to Festus White Castle will again be supporting All For Family through their 2022 Round Up Campaigns. The first one for 2022 will begin May 1st.

For a small nonprofit such as ours, this support is so immensely important and very much needed. Our largest fundraising event to date, which also included a donated check from Twin Cities Optimist Club for $2,796.00, which we were also extremely grateful for, has only yielded nearly $6,000. We do not yet have the same large backing and following that larger organizations have.

Therefore, the next time you are at White Castle and wonder if those few extra cents even matter and make a difference, All For Family will be the first to tell you that they really do matter and make a difference. If you do not live near Festus White Castle, we encourage you to visit a White Castle somewhere near you. Many are supporting other local nonprofits as well. These are smaller organizations such as ours who are primarily volunteer based and are not spending money on big corporate salaries and marketing campaigns. White Castle seems to truly understand what it means to support their local community, and All For Family has never met a group of individuals so friendly, helpful, and supportive as those we have found through White Castle. They even helped with set up for our November vendor fair and donated a gift basket.

Thank you so much Festus White Castle for all of your help and support. We are truly blessed!

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