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White Castle Rounds Up For All For Family

If you have ever been through a McDonald's drive-thru, you have likely been asked if you want to "round up" for Ronald McDonald House, or at Dairy Queen for Children's Miracle Network.

All For Family is very excited to announce that the White Castle in Festus has selected us for their "round up" campaign that launches March 1st. Starting March 1st, customers who visit the White Castle in Festus will be able to choose to round their purchase up the nearest dollar to help support All For Family Non-Profit, which is a small 501c3 volunteer nonprofit locating right here in Jefferson County, MO. We can't begin to thank White Castle and all of the employees at Festus White Castle enough for selecting All For Family for this very special honor.

If you do not live near Festus, and have no plans to visit Festus, we encourage you to check another White Castle in your area. It is our understanding that most area White Castles have selected local nonprofits to support for their "round up" campaigns. We commend White Castle for embarking on this journey to help support your local communities, and we thank every customer who participates in this campaign as well.

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