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Why Our Work Matters

All For Family recently had two more client families progress to enough unsupervised visit time to no longer need our services. Last we heard, these families were being reunited. It is these successful stories of reunification that we long to see through our program.

I have spoken to several bio parents who have exited our supervised visit program, and they have expressed sincere gratitude for the work our volunteers do in being there for them, helping to encourage them, offering them resources, and giving them the time they desperately need with their children.

One of our client moms expressed the following words: "I wanted to give All For Families a 5 star rating because the volunteers are so very nice to me and my 4 year old son. They are very welcoming and nice and are on time and also are very communicative about any paperwork or rules that are given. I appreciate All For Family's volunteers and Angel for being so welcoming and good with scheduling and very communicative when setting up and doing my visits. And they also answer my questions or concerns in a great timely manner. Thank you so very much!"

With these heartfelt words from this mom, All For Family would also sincerely like to express our gratitude for our amazing volunteers. We couldn't do the work we do without all of you. In 2021, our volunteers helped us serve 50 clients. They covered a total of 259 visits amounting to 802 hours of supervised family visits. We are on track this year to double this amount. With sufficient volunteer coverage, and, given our increased visit capacity, if every visit room were booked, and, if we were able to have more daytime visits and coverage, we could, theoretically, cover up to 50 visits per weeks. This would be an amazing amount of foster children and families served. We, of course, have a ways to go to make such an impact, but we are on the right track for further growth.

For those who would like to help support our program, but may not have the time to give to cover visits, please consider sponsoring on of our volunteers. Several of our volunteers are retired or semi-retired and may have limited income. Our families do not stop needing us and our program because gas prices have gone up, but we are concerned about how the increase in such cost may impact our volunteers who need to commute to either our Hillsboro or Arnold locations to cover a visit. However, since any mileage reimbursement offered by the state for supervised visits is associated with child transportation only, we do not have a way to reimburse volunteer mileage at this time. We are looking for creative options to help rectify this concern so that the increase in gas prices does not impact volunteer ability to help with visits. Some ideas we have considered are donations of unused gift cards, or small fundraisers, such as a pancake breakfast, chili supper, bake sale, or community yard sale/flea market. If you are with a church or organization who would be willing to help with something like this, we would be very grateful for any help & support.

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