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Words of Gratitude

While we were waiting on securing a permanent space for supervised family visits, there were a few places who were gracious enough to host our visits for us. All For Family would like to thank the Northwest Branch Jefferson County Library for hosting some of our visits. We would especially like to thank Raintree Church in Hillsboro for hosting so many of our visits for us, for allowing us to do a presentation at their church, and for all of the love, support, and help they have provided toward our efforts of supporting foster children and families. We are additionally grateful to Cedar Hill Lutheran Church for allowing us to do our presentation at your church, and we are thankful for City on a Hill in Arnold for hosting one of our visits and our trivia night fundraiser. We are extremely grateful to Delisa DiMercurio and her family for helping decorate our supervised visit location, donating and installing a changing table, and for donating and installing our cubby toy shelf, along with other donations she provided for our space. We would also like to thank Tina Hartung and her husband for painting our space. We, of course, are very grateful for the Jefferson Foundation selecting All For Family to be a grant recipient this year, which helped make our new visit location possible. We are extremely grateful we stumbled across Cody Hays with Marketing Mission. He has provided us tremendous help, support, and resources toward our marketing needs, including much needed accounting help from Tracy Thompson with Grow Thrive Succeed, for which we are also immensely grateful for. We are additionally grateful for a small grant we have been promised from Ameren that has helped make this newsletter possible. If not for all of the businesses, individuals, collaborative efforts with the Jefferson County Children's Division, and organizations mentioned above, along with all of our donors, and faithful sponsors/donors, such as Ken Talley and "C" (she knows who she is), none of our work in helping foster children and families would be possible. We are forever grateful for each and every one of you for helping make everything we do possible.

*Photo courteous of "My Life Through a Lens"

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