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A Time of Heartfelt Thanks & Gratitude

This is the time of year where it is custom to reflect on our past year, and all that we are truly thankful for that, too often, we may take for granted.

All For Family would like to take this special time to let you know how truly very thankful we are for your help and support throughout this past year. We never take such support for granted, and we are immensely grateful for each & every one of you.

We are especially grateful to the Jefferson Foundation for recently approving us for another $30,000 grant, which will go toward supporting our volunteer based supervised family visit program.

We have also been very blessed by a couple of monthly sponsors this past year, for which we are so very grateful. Some sponsors prefer not to be publicly named, but S.D. & G.D., as well as B.B., you know who you are. We hope you know that your support this year meant more to us that you may ever know.

To all of our amazing volunteers and board members, you mean the world to All For Family. You make our nonprofit possible, and, with each and every gift of your time, you inspire change & bring families closer together, one visit at a time. I wish I could publicly acknowledge each and every one of you, but I fear I would unintentionally leave someone out.

To our amazing Office Manager, Sandra Hendrix, we are so very blessed for the great work you do in coordinating visits. We are also so very blessed to be working with Karen Jones with our Therapeutic Visit Program, as well as our wonderful accountant, Cathy Beck.

For those who attended our recent Hoedown Fundraiser at Dew Drop Inn, we are so thankful for your support. We also want to openly show our appreciation to the following who helped sponsor that event: Susan & Charles Cablish, Jon & Elissa Shirrell, David Kaltenbronn, Contractor's Welding, C.P., Dan & Kristen Gielow with the Gielow Foundation, Sapaugh, Cheri Phillips, Jefferson County Foster Children's Fund, along with all other individual businesses and individuals who contributed to raffle items and gift baskets.

We are very grateful to Patty Mullins for donations she arranged for our recent Lifebook Training Class, and for our wonderful board members and volunteers for their wonderful work in hosting this class. I especially wish to acknowledge Chris Vogt for her amazing work in organizing this event, along with Amy Baum for organizing the childcare portion of this event.

As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child," but it also takes a village to create change and make a positive impact on the life of a child &/or family. We each play our part toward making this possible, and we are so very grateful & blessed for any part you may have played toward making this possible.

So, from All For Family to your family, we sincerely hope you had a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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