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Egg Another Challenge

For those who have been following us on our allforfamily12 Facebook page, you likely saw us mention an "egg another" challenge that was associated with our Easter Fundraiser. We decided to postpone that fundraiser challenge and will be combining it with our Give STL Day Fundraiser. Basically, what this means is that all money raised during our Easter Fundraiser will be combined with the total we raise for Give STL Day. We will go Facebook live (time to be announced later) on Saturday, May 7th. For every $50 All For Family has raised, one egg will be "cracked" over my (founder - Angel Williams)head. Some of the eggs will contain water, some will be empty, and at least one will have real egg in it. Anyone who makes a donation of at least $50 will be able to select the egg that will be "cracked" over my head. This is all intended to be fun, while also celebrating the generosity of our friends, loved ones, and community.

Don't let me have all of the fun, though. Did you know that you can also create your own "egg another" challenge to encourage your friends, co-workers, and loved ones to help you raise money for All For Family? With our Give STL Day campaign going, they can simply donate through that and show you how much they have given, or, as mentioned in the directions below, you can set up your own Facebook Fundraiser for All For Family. For more details, please see below.

How the Egg Another Challenge Works: 1. You set a fundraising goal. Since All For Family is a recognized 501c3 nonprofit on Facebook, you can set up your own fundraiser for our organization. 2. Decide for every $______ , an "egg" (plastic) will be "cracked" (opened) over your head (you can wear a rain slicker if you like). 3. Mark your eggs with letters or numbers. 4. Keep some of your eggs empty, fill some with water (doesn't have to be alot), and, if you choose, some can have actual already cracked egg inside. 5. Anyone who donates a minimum amount of $____ toward your fundraiser can select a specific numbered or lettered egg that will be "cracked" over your head. 6. Upload your video, if you can, sharing the fun you had while helping raise money for All For Family, which will help us continue our work with foster children and families. 7. Pass the challenge on to someone by seeing if they can beat your fundraising goal.

Have fun everyone, but always remember: One person can make a difference! Let change begin with you!

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