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Happy Father's Day!

To all of our fathers out there, whether bio dad, step dad, foster dad, grandpa, uncle, or someone who stepped in as a father figure for a child who needed you, All For Family would like to wish you a Happy Father's Day!

According to statistic of fatherless homes, nearly one out of every 4 American Children grow up in fatherless homes. Studies also show that fathers are very influential in what type of man their daughter may date or marry in the future. It is said that is from their fathers many learn what expectations for how they should be treated by a man. Fathers also have the ability to influence how their sons will treat their wife and children growing up, as well as their work ethics, and how much they value an education.

Everything you do matters, and everything you don't do. Every action and reaction has the power to influence the next generation. I have known of many great fathers who sacrificed high paying careers so they could spend more time with their children. Children don't need expensive game systems, or even fancy homes or cars. They need someone who is going to be there for them, unconditionally love them, guide them, play ball with them, take them fishing, hunting, have a tea party, and even be willing to dress up barbies or dolls with them. They need someone who will lovingly hold them accountable, set realistic, age appropriate boundaries and expectations, and show them compassion and grace. They don't need a perfect father, as no one is, but rather someone who is man enough to admit their own failures, and courageous enough to correct them. They need someone who will show respect for their mother, even if, for whatever reason, they cannot live together, and a father who will be there for them no matter what. Fathers do not have to be related by blood to be a Dad. They just need to be there and be willing to do all of the things a great father should do.

So, for all of our fathers out there, whether related by blood or not, may you never underestimate the power you have to mold and change a life. From All For Family to your family, we wish you a very Happy Father's Day!

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